ROW80-1 -20/03 -Wandering into Spring

I haven't checked in a regularly as I'd planned this ROW. I think I tend to over-edit before I even start a post and plan so much for it that I give up. Short and sweet works too. I almost checked in March 11 - found my notes for it - but here I am to at least close of this session. Looking back, I did get more writing done - a Flash Fiction every week - so that's a good thing. This ROW also included some family things, visits with my girlfriend, a new 'local' to check out, snowshoeing and reading. I'm off to Toronto for a week, so will think about the next ROW80 on the train trip.

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A Lost Hour

My latest Flash Fiction Friday challenge had been to write about the change last weekend to Daylight Savings Time. What if different people changed at different times? What if that hour wasn't really lost? I blended in a bit of magic, via a leprechaun, and had fun with this. 2000 words worth, so the real challenge was to get it to just a tad over the 1000 word limit.

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Facebook suffers outage related to core, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook users around the world reported issues logging into and posting on the site as well as on Instagram and WhatsApp thoughout the day on Wednesday. The outages lasted about a full day, and was Facebook’s longest downtime ever.


Well, this was annoying.
Blaming it on "a server configuration change" means inadequate testing. Also, 'sorry for any (?) inconvenience isn't very really adequate. How about "here's a free coupon for a coffee or tea"? How about "we'll not monetize your data for a day"?
Problem is, we've become so used to all its features and connections, The Facebook is now a drug for most of us, and Zuckerberg is the pusher. Of course, as addicts, we are willing to rationalize it when our dealer lies to us, uses us, cheats on us, or is late with a fix.
What options do we have, other than trying to quit cold turkey? What's our Methadone?