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 This blog may seem a little unfocused, but then so am I - I'm a writer, photographer, trombonist, online gamer, grandfather, and was a promoter of graffiti as both an art form and a community change agent. And was a Quality Manager.

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Conqueror - Paris - 7.9km

FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1153 - 'Paris Virtual Challenge - My Virtual Mission' - www.myvirtualmission.com A bigger chunk was added yesterday, here in Ottawa I walked down to the local library and back. Not a lot for some, but I needed a serious snack after, so bought a bag of mixed nuts. They were only healthy-ish, as this was way more calories than I'd used up!  Meanwhile, back in Paris, the little lake was left behind and I headed east across the busy Bd. de Peripherique.  




FireShot Pro Webpage Screenshot #1155 - 'Jardin du Ranelagh - Google Maps' - www.google.com More greenery, as I turned south, past the Madagascar Embassy and through the Jardin de Ranelagh. With walking paths, sculptures, puppet theatre, and pony rides. And an insect hotel. 




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