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April 2004

Terrorists and religion

Used to be the only terrorists were in the Emerald Isle and it was always "those bloody Catholics" or "those bloody Protestants".
Now the news would have us believe they're all Muslims

Yesterday's Ottawa Citizen (March 30) had a bold headline "Ottawa Muslims held in global terror sweep", and then the article started with "A handful of Ottawa Muslims were being questioned last night in what authorities described as an international terror probe that saw heavily-armed Mounties storm the home of one of the city's most prominent Muslims.
At 1:30 p.m. yesterday, RCMP tactical units, acting on security intelligence briefs, fanned out across the city, arresting one young Muslim man and questioning several others."
Today's issue had a commentary by Kelly Eagan on " 'Muslim' angle gets overblown", the least I would expect, as well as several letters to the editor.
I checked today's front page stories on the raid and subsequent arrest, they had obviously been carefully scanned to take out almost all occurences of the "M" word.

House of Paint - graffiti, hip-hop, breakdancing, bboyin'

Legal wall in Ottawa, under Bronson where it crosses the Rideau river.
Was all day, September 21, 2003, had a great time. I've added a photo album, PLEASE, if you know any of the writer's names, or those dancin', let me know and I'll add credits.
Press release is below.

And I couldn't believe this latest toy, complete with a graffiti backdrop - Barbie goes hip-hop as street Tika. She should have stuck with her old hootchie look.

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Check out the photo album section, to see one of my passions, taking photos of graffiti.
I wandered down an alley off Queen west one spring day in 99, saw something that caught my eye, and I was hooked. I've found a lot of good stuff in Toronto, as well as Ottawa and Montreal. Some of it is tags, some a quick throw-up, some pieces represents hours of work. While some would take issue with where it's done, I think after looking at some of the talent shown in these images you'll have to agree that it's definitely art.
I used to have these on my previous web page, and have dates for all as well as artists for many written down somewhere- just waiting for more "spare" time to add that. In the meantime, I'm always open to suggestions on where to look - add a comment or email me.

Update - Sept 2004 -found an interesting article by Fiona Story from Carleton last year on graffiti as art.