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April 2004

I didn't do it

That line was made famous by Bart Simpson, but also seems to be a favorite of politicians lately. Try
"I Didn't do it!"

The latest I noticed was Alfonse Gagliano as he denied blame for the sponsorship scandal. "I know Nothing! Nothing!
He listed all the various positions he was juggling at the time and used that as an excuse - basically he was too busy to do his job right. I would hope all students off on March Break would look at this carefully in case they had homework they were supposed to do over the break.
See the related CBC story, or my excerpts below.
CBC News - Gagliano

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Canadians seeking conservatives

I watched both debates, on CPAC, and found Belinda shallow and scripted. And Harper very full of himself, he asumes he'll carry the west and be crowned. Tony did a good job, but might be too honest to lead a party, and possibly a country. A sad commentary on our times. And then there are the Liberals, full of scandals, bloated from years at the trough, and a leader I trust less than Chretien. I was so fed up I joined the NDP!
At any rate, I found an interesting article in my local paper, which leads me to believe Belinda might not have all the business savvy she claims - comments??

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