Where's the youth vote gone?
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CBC - and the youth vote

Saw some interesting info on the CBC news site. One is on getting the youth involved through such things as rock groups, and there was also a live "job interview" for Martin (Lib) and Layton (NDP) on CBC Newsworld. Check it out, text there as well as video clips. They asked a number of questions on political issues, as well as some more personal questions - like if they'd like to try some Screech. This was coordinated by Student Vote 2004. All federal leaders were invited, not all showed up!
Lots of groups looking at the student vote - such as Apathy is Boring. They have messages from each candidate. Martin's reads like a speech at a Rotary luncheon, you can hear the snores. Harper is a bit better. Check them all out, there are 9 parties there.
Because I have an NDP bias I'll include Jack Layton's below - his style is different than the others, as he starts off by saying you should NOT vote.

Young people shouldn't vote - and they especially shouldn't vote for the NDP. Voting would only challenge big money and powerful interests behind Paul Martin and his corporate friends. They don't want young people to vote at all - and they especially don't want you voting for the NDP. Because the NDP would reduce tuition fees, invest in health care, clean up our environment, stand up for fair trade, human rights and say no to George Bush's star wars missile defence plan.

Let others decide your future. Let tuition fees and student debt continue to skyrocket. Let big corporate polluters continue to get away with wrecking our environment. And let Paul Martin continue to bring in two-tier health care so that when your parents or grandparents get sick they can pay like they do in the US. Paul Martin has a lot of lobbyist friends who stand to make a lot of money from private health care - voting NDP would only upset them.

If young people started voting, the government would have to start listening and there are lots of people in Ottawa who don't want that.

And whatever you do - don't vote NDP. It's got momentum in this election and is poised to win a lot of seats. Voting NDP would just change things.
- Jack Layton


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cool site. apathy is so uncool.

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