Ottawa U and the student vote

Conservative policies? Never mind.

Seems to be no shortage of individual opinions in the party. MP Randy White dismissed the power of Canadian courts in an interview, saying

"The heck with the courts, eh? You know, one of these days we in this country are going to stand up and say, 'The politicians make the laws and the courts do not.' The courts interpret that law. And if we don't like that interpretation, there's the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which the Liberal government has never invoked and said they will not use. I believe we'll see that with us in the House of Commons because enough is enough of this stuff…

Harper was quick to pull out his standard response on all these fringe statements - that these were the candidate's personal views only. Once or twice I would believe these are fringe views, but at the rate these guys are ranting and raving it points to the underlying Alliance roots. Harper had them all sign a gag order to not publicly criticize other candidates, or him, or the party - too bad it didn't also say not to make up your own policy.
They didn't take the time to have a policy convention, they've never gone through that process of debating and discussing and formulating what their policy really is. I think they'd rather we saw that happen after they get elected. In the meantime, as one writer suggested, we're asked to buy a pig in a poke.
So, here we are, left with the above glimpses into the abyss, and a reluctance of them to define policy even when asked.
That's why Joe Clark, when asked to pick a side, advised the lesser of two evils, saying it's better to go with the devil we know.


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