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Where's the youth vote gone?

I read an interesting article by Elections Canada that did a survey and analysis of this issue. I'll summarize some of it, but do check out the entire article, and also some of their Young Voter info.
Their results showed that in the 2000 election the 18-20 year-olds turnout was 22.4%, while it was over 80% for those over 58. This used to be shrugged off with "They'll vote when they get older", but recent studies show this to be not true. Each successive generation is less inclined to vote than the previous.

So - why is this, and what can be done?

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Ottawa-Orleans NDP - finally!

Been a long wait, but we finally have a candidate, Crystal LeBlanc. She's a fresh, young, local candidate with a mission - get more young voters out there. And if they vote NDP, all the better! The riding has been Liberal for too long, SnOrleans is a comfy community with a lot of rich areas. But we also have a lot of middle class, and even less advantaged- all waiting to be heard.
Her long term goal is to build a strong NDP presence here. Will be a challenge, but the younger vote is there waiting - I've two, 24 and 22, so can say from first experience they all definitely have strong ideas about things.

And yes, has been a while since my last post. Busy with work, vacation, gardens, and playing with a new digital camera. Pics to follow.