Fernwood Tonight
Conservative policies? Never mind.


Been busy lately working on a local NDP campaign, as part of a small but dedicated crew of volunteers. Too busy for my day job, let alone my blog. Done now.
So now I'm free to join the rest of Canada, wait for the next faux pas, and watch the polls weave their magic. CPAC-SES has the Liberals and Conservatives dancing around 30-34% for voter preference, NDP around 20. I think a lot are angry with the Liberals, but scared if they vote Conservative they'll elect the bogeyman. And to help them along, the Canadian Centre fo Policy Alternatives just released some scary numbers on how much Harper's economics favour the rich.
I guess some will grumpily go Liberal again, or some take a leap into the unknowns of NDP land. Or maybe even the Greens.
Are you not sure which way to vote? There's a quiz on the Politics Watch website that is frighteningly accurate for all of us so far. OK, just my sister and I so far, but check it out.
Advanced polls have been heavy this year, more than 1.2 million of us, 60% more than in the last election in 2000. And Ontario was the heaviest province. Why? Maybe people want to get involved and decide a close race. Maybe they want to take the kids to the cottage next week.


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