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The Democratic National Convention is starting in the US, and will be a yawn for most that aren't actually there doin' the rah-rah. Very little network coverage is planned, as it's seen by the networks and the viewers as mostly an info-mercial. But I did find it interesting that the Democrats have 'accredited' some 35 bloggers for their convention. Do they think this is an effective way to communicate, or do they figure it's cheap and better than nothing. The official blog listed is Kicking Ass, with a lot of the posts by a Jesse Berney. The site is touted as a means of communication, which seems to mean posting by DNC staff members and a few selected guests, with comments by those having an account. And while accounts seem easy to apply for, I suspect content and slant will be closely monitored. There also will be many blogging un-officially from the convention. Karl-Thomas Musselman, a delegate from Texas, has his own, and refers to several others from his state - as well as the same BBC article I quoted above. Full circle.


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