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More un-patriotic Americans - let's get those commie journalists

Speaking of blockheads, too bad that dummy McCarthy isn't still around to help steer the course as the ripples of The Patriot Act continue to spread. A recent headline proclaims that "Five journalists in the US have been fined for refusing to identify sources behind stories on nuclear espionage".
A US federal judge has ruled against journalists refusing to discloses sources. However, the judge did stay their fine until appeal, stating the "law is sufficiently unclear in the context of this case and it is a question that needs to be decided by the Court of Appeals."
Earlier this month, a US judge held a Time Magazine reporter in contempt over an investigation into the exposure of an undercover CIA agent.
While I do agree security needs to be tightened worldwide, I am uneasy when it seems to be used an an excuse to diminish civil liberties.

If you're just too nice to say "piss off"

Once again, you're in a bar, someone starts hitting on you and pestering you to give them your email address on a napkin. Here's a service that lets you use a "fake" address, as in [email protected], so that when the poor soul sends you a note - they receive back a generic and somewhat cute rejection email.

This is a spin-off from the New York Rejection Line - a phone number you can give out that goes to a rejection recording.

So - is this funny or sad?

Subduing Seniors - zap them!

I had discussed earlier the growing concerns over the seemingly indiscriminate use of tasers. One of the "pro" arguements is that it's better to use a taser than be forced to shoot someone.
So it was with interest that I read a recent article on a taser being used to subdue a 66 year old grandmother who was being arrested for honking her horn. She was zapped after she "tussled" with them.

"This was an unfortunate incident that I believe could have been avoided if there would have been a less confrontational environment," said Chief Richard Easley in a statement. "Officers of this department, however, are held to a very high standard in their professional conduct, regardless of the conduct of other persons."

Sounds like she should have been calmer, and also she should be glad they didn't just shoot her. Perhaps there's an untapped market here in nursing homes?

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