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More un-patriotic Americans - let's get those commie journalists

Speaking of blockheads, too bad that dummy McCarthy isn't still around to help steer the course as the ripples of The Patriot Act continue to spread. A recent headline proclaims that "Five journalists in the US have been fined for refusing to identify sources behind stories on nuclear espionage".
A US federal judge has ruled against journalists refusing to discloses sources. However, the judge did stay their fine until appeal, stating the "law is sufficiently unclear in the context of this case and it is a question that needs to be decided by the Court of Appeals."
Earlier this month, a US judge held a Time Magazine reporter in contempt over an investigation into the exposure of an undercover CIA agent.
While I do agree security needs to be tightened worldwide, I am uneasy when it seems to be used an an excuse to diminish civil liberties.


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