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New toy

Finally bit the bullet and bought a new camera - Nikon D70. Did a lot of surfing through reviews and forums to decide which digital would meet my needs. I was considering the Canon EOS300D digital Rebel, decided the Nikon was a better fit. Got it last week, was very easy to get up and running with it in auto mode (of course) but also is fairly intuitive what menu choices/buttons to use to start taking more control. Posted these into "Various pics" album.


Living with terrorism

I found an interesting article in the Washington Post called Fear Itself - on learning to live with terrorism. No, not in the US- although I'm sure every time Bush decides to bounce the level from Yellow back to Orange it's stressful for them in their own way.
Try someplace like Jerusalem.
We hop on a bus here without a thought - how easily would you do that in Israel?