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Juicy Danger meets Burning Man

I caught this at midnight on TVO earlier this week. A great documentary about Christine Taylor (Juicy) and Tom Comet (Danger) and their trip in 1997 to the Black Rock desert of Nevada. They took their underground circus act to the neo-pagan Burning Man festival - and loved it.
Same documentary is on Bravo, Saturday morning (Sept 11) at 5am.
For some film clips of Burning man from 2000, check out CBC's site 120seconds.com - just do a search for "Burning Man".
Browse the rest of the site too - some interesting stuff, but I wa surprised to see it from what we often think as "boring conservative CBC".


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Have you ever been to Burning Man? I have a friend who is a regular attendee and she keeps telling me I should go.


I have never been but have seen several documentaries on it -I know I would like it.

Chris Ibbitson

Very cool, Mike.. I believe that I've seen that Doc'...

and it made me want to go to Burning Man, well, at least once...

...shall we plan a road trip for August 30 to Sept 6, 2005? Black Rock Desert, Nevada?

Let Kim and I know...


I have it on my to-do list - but then I am a terible procrastinator! By then I'll be in the seniors area.


Googling JDMBM to see what's out there & wanted to chime on & let you know that

David Vaisbord has done a 10 year anniversary re-release of the movie including awesome commentary with David, Christine & Tom.

New site is up at http://juicydangermeetsburningman.com
Larry Harvey is coming up to celebrate this momentous occastion in Vancouver, BC, on May 10th, 2008.

Cheers everyone!

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