Ottawa graf - and a basement
Juicy Danger meets Burning Man

Spooky me

2002_paint_23Found another in this series - both are posted here.
I wanted to try lighting a photo by opening the shutter in a darkened room and "painting" with a flashlight. This is a technique Diana Thorneycroft uses (although infinitely better than I did!). I metered the light from one of those big flashlights with the square battery at several feet, with ASA 200 was 5.6 at 1 sec. So I figured I would need to move the light along at about 1 ft/sec. That wasn't too bad, but tended to give a lot of hot spots depending where I overlapped. I found closing to f 11 let me overlap more, so evened the light out a bit.
A blue filter (as in 80A) would have balanced the incandescent better for a daylight film (Kodak Gold). And would have had to open up 2 stops, but I think the depth of field would have suffered.
I setup the camera on a tripod, with a cable release, darkened the room, opened the shutter, turned on the light and painted, killed the light, closed the shutter. With me in the picture I just swapped hands to do each side of the room - that's why my arms are blurry.
I kind of like the ghostly effect.


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