Kosmic Komply 2004
Popping up like a gopher

Aliens for Bush

Got some SPAM trying to persuade me to vote for BUSH, from Worldwide Republicans For A Better Planet Security (WRAPS). It was so peculiar I wondered if it was from the Kerry Kamp.
Email was titled "Deadly Wicked Weapons" and had a cartoon of characters floating in space above the earth. Talking about black horses and white horses and red horses.

Message goes on to say...
"This or any other message from (WRAPS) Worldwide Republicans For A Better Planet Security, will not be emailed to you again.

This is a one time only email to you.

If you received this message in error or if you want to be removed from any mailing list of RepubcampWraps (WRAPS) and or you choose to UNSUBSCRIBE or OPT-OUT, please email WRAPS at the following address indicating the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" [email protected] - Or - [email protected]
**(RepubcampWraps is no longer associated with Yahoo.com services or email services)

Please help to make the world a better safer place. Vote Bush for President.

Learn Whats Happening Beginning Here GeorgeWBush.com

Be A Team Leader GOPTeamLeader.com

Better Health Care Link (Health Savings Accounts)

George Bush for president. The best welfare and future of the world and all mankind is the service of the generations of expert dedication and determination of George Bush and family and friends, for the good and welfare of all nations and people.

You are permitted to copy and redistribute the above cartoon to any extent only for the good of the Bush For President Campaign and or the good, welfare, and future of all nations and all mankind. And providing that the contents of the cartoon are r not altered."

I checked WHOIS, SPAM is from:
Teletel Communication Channels Ltd (25905920O)
10 Hakishon st.
Bney Brak, 51203
Phone: 999 999 9999
Fax: 999 999 9999

Domain Name: WALLA.COM

Administrative Contact :
Barak ITC (HO1606-ORG)
[email protected]
15, ha-Melaha St.
Rosh Ha'ayin (Park Sibel), Rosh Ha'ayin (Park Sibel) **
Phone: +972-3-900-1647
Fax: +972-3-900-1505

Technical Contact :
Moshe, Sharon
[email protected]
15, haMelaha St.
Rosh Ha'ayin (Park Sibel),
Phone: 972-3-900-1773
Fax: 972-3-900-1505

Record expires on 19-Dec-2004
Record created on 20-Dec-1995


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