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Kosmic Komply 2004

Went to my first rave last weekend - guess I've lived a sheltered life so far. I got the info via De Cypher Cru, some local b-girls. I met one of them a while ago at a meeting for Ottawa's Piece Park and the whole Cru at last year's House of Paint. I admire their skill and enjoy the music so offered to take some photos. Also gave me a chance to try out my new flash - to go with the new camera.
It was held at Carleton U, School of Architecture, as a party and fundraiser. Breakdancing, hip-hop, rappers, several rooms with loud but good music set up, different themes in various rooms, including a floor of sod, and lots of costumes. Dragged a friend along (actually, she needed no encouragement), we had fun.
It's toned down lately, and is not typical of a rave, but I can pretend.
Most of the pictures turned out OK, I experimented a bit when taking them, and cropped and resized on the PC. Shot all at "Large" image, "Fine" compression. that means a 3meg image but storage is cheap and all the detail is there if needed.
I'll keep posting pics to my album here as I get them done.

Dec 4 - added more pics, from a friend's camera I borrowed when my batteries died. New camera, they last a long time, UNLESS you play around experiment too much. Battery meter on Nikon D-70 goes from 3/4 to nada in a flash - so to speak. Thanks to N. for the loaner.


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would love to see some of the images....let me know when you post them please!


Some of the pics are already up, in an album on the right - I added a link.


Great. You really captured the moment.

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