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Travelling VIA Rail

Certainly is a leisurely way to meander to Toronto. Granted, it's almost twice the rate as coach, but VIA1 is a nice way to travel. No line-up, wait in the lounge, first car so you get there before anyone else. Sit in a comfy wide seat and read the paper, then freshen up with the hot moist towels. Sip a cocktail, choose dinner, enjoy the scenery while you sip a glass of wine. And another. Chocolates for dessert, and a digestif. And another.
Get up and stretch your legs, then relax with a book, or pull out the laptop and get some work done.
The countryside is lovely from the train, unfortunately the towns all present their backside, with blemishes and smells. Luckily there's often some great graffiti to liven it up.
Anyone tried first class with Amtrak?


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