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I'm sure all are familiar with the original fable, but I'm referring to the recent ousting of Liberal Carolyn Parrish. She has referred to Bush as warlike, Americans as bastards, and the invasion of Iraq as the coalition of the idiots. There was concern that she would heckle Bush if he addresses Parliament later this month, as Sven Robinson and Les Benjamin did Reagan in 1987.

Reagan said that the missile systems at the core of Star Wars "threaten no one." They "would save human lives instead of targeting them." Les Benjamin from the NDP retorted "He’s mad". Robinson shouted, "No, no way. Stop Star Wars now!"

"I assured him that I would not be heckling (Bush), nor would I be making faces, nor would I be doing anything and he seemed pleased with that," Carolyn said.

She was recently seen on a promo for the comedy show This Hour Has 22 Minutes stomping a George Bush doll. Nothing personal though, they poke political fun at our politicians too.

More outspoken at times than a Western conservative,  she was tolerated until she criticized the PM, Martin, as being a weak leader and added "If he loses the next election and he has to resign, I wouldn't shed a tear over it." 

I agree with her, he seems pretty pathetic to me to, but that was the last straw apparently.


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Watch out! Bush or God will get you!


Only one of them to worry about, God has sub-contracted all his smiting of the unbelievers to Bush, via Haliburton Co. I heard the whole contracting process to "rebuild" Iraq is referred to as the "access of evil".

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