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2004 New Year's resolutions

I talked to my sister New Year's Eve, she has a better plan for this year's resolutions - none. Sounds good to me. So I've decided rather than me picking all those optimistic resolutions for the coming year, and then wallowing in the depths of guilt and despair once they are missed, it's more rewarding to celebrate the successes of the past year. So from now on I'll do my resolutions after the year is done.

So, my resolutions for 2004 were:

  • finally get a digital camera and play with it
  • blog more
  • do some interesting QA work (and get paid well for it)
  • renovate my kitchen
  • go to a rave
  • take up hang-gliding

So looking back, was a pretty good year - 5 out of 6 is good enough for me.


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Which one was not done?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good blog. Might get some people to think about their life!


I left that 5 out of 6 hanging there, so to speak. Good to keep people guessing.


How was the rave, if you went to one? I used to go to a lot of raves around '93-96 and 2000-2001.


I haven't been to Kosmic in a long time.. I think the last one I went to was '94 or '95.


You'd probably like this, my friend Kenji's artwork

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