Current death toll climbs past 169,000


I was out with some friends the other night at a local bar (Griffins) for dinner/drinks. We were in the midst of a one day warm spell of plus 13C (that's 286K) in the afternoon The place is a nice but quiet yuppie after work hangout, good food, and a pleasant waitress with a nice sway.

But later on the focus seems to change. One evening in the fall, as the evening wore on the new waitresses had a more hoochie look and a sort of upscale biker crowd started to roll in  Literally - the patio doors were all open and there were a couple of bikes parked inside. So we were speculating if one night there was designated as "cougar night". Not the Wild Kingdom type, or the singer, the other kind. After we explained to the younger people of our group what we meant, and assured them we were not joking, we investigated further. Turned out that down the street, above Maxwell's, is where they prowl. Not sure if it's the same night as Johnny Vegas plays. At any rate, not being a young lad - I know where NOT to go to meet women.


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