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Did you just moan or is that a cell phone in your pocket?

Seems that now besides ring tones, and riffs from rock stars, you can download moans to your cellphone - from porn star Jenna Jameson. Currently  is $1.00 each in Latin America, and will be $2.50 in the US, but not available there yet. I'm not sure when Canada will carry moan tones, perhaps our former Immigration minister was consulted to see if any of the recent exotic dancers we had fast-tracked in would be interested in a second career. Of course all moans would also have to be available in both official languages. Or maybe just a quieter version in English.

At any rate, it could be embarrassing in a business meeting, or a crowded elevator. Especially if you also select High-volume and vibrate.

Presumably you would want to link the moans to specific callers, as opposed to also calls from your boss or your mother. Or, maybe not.


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"Or maybe just a quieter version in English."

Bwahahaha! Being an English person living in Montreal, that was funny enough that I came very close to spitting water all over my keyboard.

Brent Stevens

I just saw that moantones are available in Canada! I have a Motorola V220 and got the moantones at
I think you need a pretty new model cellphone to be able to download them though...
I saw that some were in French and also German! Ha ha they are pretty funny and it looks like the two people who started the moantones are Canadian and started them as a joke 3 years ago but now there are some adult stars jumping on the "Moan wagon". Canadians, as usual, rock!

Best regards,

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