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Multi-media Modigliani

Well, I braved the cold rain of Toronto yesterday and made it to the AGO for the Modigliani exhibit. It was worth the price of admission. As in free, as part of my membership. Didn't know who this guy was, or what he did, and I never really found out.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, so a little crowded, but the main problem was the audio guides they rented - about the size and shape of a cordless phone handset. Concept is above each of the major paintings is a number, you punch that into the keypad on the guide and listen to an explanation of that painting. So, standing in front of each painting was a crowd of people, listening to the guide, staring off into space, not really looking at the art.  Looked like they were checking their voice mail, for really long messages. There was some signage next to the paintings too, but was brown on beige - a challenge for my eyes. I looked from a distance, but the portraits all seemed of the same long-nosed woman.

I left, and wandered the rest of the gallery.  Which was relatively empty, and quite enjoyable.

Then out in the rain to the pub across the street, The Village Idiot at McCaul and Dundas. The sort of place where I feel right at home. Eclectic music, eclectic people, sipped a Red Baron lager and people watched.

We need more relaxing pubs like that here in Ottawa.


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Lanky Lass

The secret to Modigliani's women is not the nose. It's the eyes, more specifically around the eyes. Look for the rosy blush around the eyes. This is a sign that the women are - aroused.

Paris 1969. Most important work done, a paper on erotic art. Interesting. I determined that most of what was considered erotic art was simply pornographic. Some of Modigliani's women's eyes are erotic.


The intro text did say he was known as quite a womanizer - maybe he painted his lovers. Or maybe he just painted without his shirt on to get them steamed up.

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