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Reno done - stage 1

Kitchen reno was done - by Christmas. Great! 2004_12_16_005a  Includes new flooring in th hall and powder room. Added new photos to the album, check it out. Nice to be no longer cooking out of my dorm room. The challenge now is moving all the stuff back into the cupboards and drawers and figure what goes where.

Of course, now the rest of the house looks shabbier - need new lights in the hall, new livingroom carpet, new couch.....

Best wishes to all for 2005

Best wishes to all in this year. I checked my horrorscope but it doesn't look bad at all, so I don't have to sort thru to find one I like. Not that I pay much attention to those, I'm more a fan of personal choices and consequences in life. Granted, there are a lot of things we can't control - just look at the horrific tsunami in southern Asia - but there are also more choices that we realize are there, or permit ourselves to make.

I haven't thought of any resolutions for the New Year - I could quit smoking I suppose but haven't done so for 30 years so maybe that's too easy. Like giving up liver for Lent. Walking more would be a good one, especially with retirement re-appearing.  It's been dreary here in Toronto the last few days as far as weather is concerned, but the forecast promises brief sun today, so I'll grab the camera and head out.