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The Washington Post and others speak of the latest not-so-smart bomb in Iraq.

BAGHDAD, Jan. 8 -- A U.S. warplane mistakenly dropped a 500-pound bomb Saturday on a house in a village near the northern city of Mosul, killing several Iraqis, according to witnesses and the U.S. military........[it] was part of "a cordon and search operation to capture an anti-Iraqi force cell leader," the military said in a statement. The satellite-guided bomb struck a house that "was not the intended target. . . . The intended target was another location nearby.".... the military "deeply regretted the loss of possibly innocent lives." The owner of the house told news services that the bomb killed 14 people, including seven children.

During testing some of these bombs fail the accuracy requirments and would normally be rejected. However, equal rights groups have protested this discrimination and demanded that the ones that are "challenged" also be included.

That's my theory. However, I'm not sure if this counts as friendly fire - or un-friendly fire.


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