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Taking steps

There's an simple fitness program called 10,000 steps. The assumption is that the average office worker gets in about 5000 steps a day, but could do with more exercise to get/keep fit. Steps are an easy thing to quantify - you start off small and add a few hundred a week. 10,000 is a nice sounding number, but maybe adding even only 2000, along with watching your diet, would be enough.

So - I splurged and bought a pedometre a few days ago and started off. Lazing around the house, up and down the stairs, a few chores - barely breaks 1000. Taking the bus downtown - rattling your filings - adds 1000 easily as I bounce along. However, I think I'm supposed to turn it off then.

I can head out for a brisk 20 minutes and add 2500-3000 steps, or walk all afternoon and really click on several days worth. The challenge, as with everything, is consistency. 


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I wonder how many steps a server takes? Or a student up and down four flights of stairs all day, but then sitting still for three hours straight (does that even it out? All that huffing and puffing up stairs for nothing?).

I'll borrow it someday and we can compare steps. ;)


You borrow pedometers from the Ottawa Public Library... pretty cool.

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