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Canadian DART misses the mark

User pay - for wiretaps

CBC had an interview a few days ago with Chief Terry McLaren of Peterborough/Lakefield Police, on a proposal by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. With increasingly complex communication technologies, such as cell phones, text messaging, VoIP, "wiretapping" is also becoming more complex, and expensive. The costs of a wiretap is typically passed on to the individual police department asking for it, which can be a big cost, and he argues a deterrent to running the surveillance they need.

Their proposal is that the phone company add a flat charge onto everyone's monthly phone bill to cover these costs, less than a dollar, similar to what most of us pay for 911.



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Are we not preummed inocent until proven guilty? And does this not just open the door for them to be able to (at a low low cost) just stop in and listen in to phone calls at any time? Now that it is inexpensive, will they not hesitate to request wire taps?


Yes, we're still presumed innocent, and a court order is I think still needed for any of this surveillance. I realize paying out of the police budget still comes back to me, but I'd prefer they see the cost charged right back to them form the phone/cable companies.

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