Countdown to ... doom

Arkansas oddities

My thanks to Nancy for pointing out John Scalzi's observations on the new covenant marriage law, which in part requires a two-year wait before a divorce becomes final (except in cases of adultery, abuse or imprisonment for a felony). As he notes:

the new law has not been a hit, even in Arkansas: just over two thirds of one percent of Arkansas marriages have been covenant marriages since the new variation of marriage was enacted into law in 2001.

Simple reason for that: As a concept, it's pretty damn insulting. "Covenant Marriage" implicitly suggests that people won't stay married unless they subject themselves to onerous governmental restrictions on their personal freedoms; basically, it's the state telling you that it expects you to get a divorce at some point, unless it makes it too annoying for you to get a divorce to make it worth your while. The State of Arkansas is banking on sloth, apathy and state bureaucracy to keep a bunch of bad marriages together, as if bad marriages are really better than divorce.

A well written (and funny) article -and the comments are almost as good.

Elswhere in the state, a driver is about to be the first charged under their Stupid Motorist Law (their words). The state is tired of having to foot the cost of rescuing motorists that ignore barricades at flooded rivers and and try to drive through anyways. Because they have an SUV, or they're in a hurry, or think it's just another sign to ignore. whatever.  The fine can be up to $2000. I'm hoping when they send in an insurance claim for the mud-filled vehicle the agent just laughs and hanges up the phone.


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