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Costa Rica

"One more sleep", and we're there. Seems well rated, so I'm looking for a nice combination of vegging by the pool and day trips. Camera in hand of course, extra memory card, and will burn CD's at an internet cafe if need be. Have space for 260 photos over 14 days - in the old analogue days that would be at least 10 rolls of film, depending on how many duds you assume per roll. Can't promise to blog, will be as the spirit(s) moves me (if the internet cafe serves pina coladas).

Here's some pics already on Flickr, from others.


Well, I thought I'd try Flickr, to see how it would work for photos for me. So far it looks good. Easier that trying to put pics in my Typepad album - has drag and drop, re-sizes, is easy to organize after into "sets" and can add several descriptive tags to each one. Set images as public, or limit some to friends only. Also has various chats, and can join like minded groups. A free version is available to play around with, and if you like it - pay $41.77 (an odd price) for more features and capacity. 

Arkansas oddities

My thanks to Nancy for pointing out John Scalzi's observations on the new covenant marriage law, which in part requires a two-year wait before a divorce becomes final (except in cases of adultery, abuse or imprisonment for a felony). As he notes:

the new law has not been a hit, even in Arkansas: just over two thirds of one percent of Arkansas marriages have been covenant marriages since the new variation of marriage was enacted into law in 2001.

Simple reason for that: As a concept, it's pretty damn insulting. "Covenant Marriage" implicitly suggests that people won't stay married unless they subject themselves to onerous governmental restrictions on their personal freedoms; basically, it's the state telling you that it expects you to get a divorce at some point, unless it makes it too annoying for you to get a divorce to make it worth your while. The State of Arkansas is banking on sloth, apathy and state bureaucracy to keep a bunch of bad marriages together, as if bad marriages are really better than divorce.

A well written (and funny) article -and the comments are almost as good.

Elswhere in the state, a driver is about to be the first charged under their Stupid Motorist Law (their words). The state is tired of having to foot the cost of rescuing motorists that ignore barricades at flooded rivers and and try to drive through anyways. Because they have an SUV, or they're in a hurry, or think it's just another sign to ignore. whatever.  The fine can be up to $2000. I'm hoping when they send in an insurance claim for the mud-filled vehicle the agent just laughs and hanges up the phone.

Countdown to ... doom

Articles in today's paper talk of death, pulling the plug on the patient after weeks of life support, death throes, on the precipice of disaster.

And what is this global catastrophe? Why, the NHL talks of course. Please - do pull the plug, and everyone get on with life.

I used to be a hockey fan, way back when there were six teams,  and a lot of the players were from Northern Ontario, where I lived. I enjoyed watching it then, every Saturday night we'd catch it on CBC - and maybe switch back and forth to a Montreal game on the French channel.  Now - too many teams, many on the brink of (or sinking into) bankruptcy, a boring game with more fists than finesse, sky high salaries, and matching ticket prices.

Update -Feb 16- at 1:03 pm EDT, the commissioner announced that for 2004-2005 there will be no NHL hockey. What he didn't mention was that means no Don Cherry either. Which is a good thing.

I sort of have sympathy for the fans, as they have been paying more and more every year for less and less hockey (in my opinion), and now have a big gap in their lives. But I'm not sure what they are fans of - maybe the NHL will have a chance to think on that now. I do feel sorry for the restaurant employees and souvenir stores and cabbies that depended on this cash cow for their livelihood.

Update -Feb 17- Once again, my local paper over-reacts.