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Easter weekend entertainment

Sitting here in Toronto, ignoring the snow still on the ground outside and enjoying a cervasa while I blog. While my sister slaves in a hot kitchen over a kewl dinner for tonight. (I have been helping). I will get out for a walk and a few trips up and down the Casa Loma steps, in the meantime, here's a mix of stuff:

  • ever wonder how Google does it's searches? They use distributed PC's
  • don't forget to do an Easter Egg hunt
  • trying a new sweet potato recipe - changed the topping to just be pecans
  • an interesting link via Cynthia Webb to Ourmedia, a grassroots digital museum - and more
  • a test
  • some thoughts via the LA Times on life and death choices


BTW - the Casa Loma steps -only a hundred or so...


Costa Rica on Flickr

I've been adding my pics from Costa Rica to Flickr, rather than here. Tired of waiting for changes on Typepad that are still in planning, like comments on pics. I'll keep this more as a text blog, with the occasional pic. Here's a couple of pics from the trip.

2005_03_01_8a 2004_03_02_4b

First day of spring

It wasn't the heat of Central America, but today was still nice out.  4 C.  Headed downtown and initially made it as far as my neighbour's, two houses down. He and some friends were standing around the driveway, socializing, with a dozen beers chilling in the snowbank. Because, this is Spring in Ottawa. So we discussed - the driveway. And when and how it should be re-done. With plus 30 in the summer and minus 40 in the winter, they don't last long around here.

Eventually did make it to the bus and downwtown - the market area was swarming with people in jackets and vests - enjoying Spring.

The only outdoor cafe I could find open was at the Hardrock Cafe - note the waitress in shorts, standing on the snow.


Update - Mar 22 - relaxed at the Fox and Feather. Their rooftop patio was just opening.