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I found an interesting article by Michael Jones via BlogsCanada the other day on Adscam and the Gomery enquiry. He says, in part:

The core problem at hand in Adscam is that the sponsorship program was a lesson in poor operational planning from the get-go. The program wasn’t formal policy and existed in the shadows, there were few operational or evaluative standards in place, and as such there were few checks on who could distribute monies to whom for what. It was designed to be abused.
The scandal, thus, is somewhat moot.  Mid-level Liberal apparatchiks move in to exploit a gaping loophole.

He goes on to call for the guilty to be purged and punished, and to continue on and fix the operational problems and gaps to reduce the chance of this re-occuring.

I agree with the concept, but I'm not sure how this will come about. Does anyone care anymore? Does anyone still believe in the political process?  Election turnout continues to slowly drop, from 67% in 1997 to 61% in 2004. We've done better in the past, for example 79% in June 1962 to re-elect Dief the Chief in another minority government.  The youth vote (18-30) in the last election actually increased to 38%, up from only 25% in 2000. This was after a massive push by Elections Canada, which included regional forums and a mailout to all that had just turned 18, and well meaning but awkward attempts by the politicians to connect. Is their problem with the medium, or the message? Maybe both. Youths were told to get involved, have a say, make a difference. After what's happened over the last year (or hasn't happened) I suspect the youth vote, and the public in general, will be be too fed up to bother to vote. Even the act of calling an election and spending all our money yet again will backfire on whatever party blinks first. According to a recent CBC report, recent polls indicate an increase in Conservative seats, and a possible minority government for them - but that assumes that there are enough voters to support the  relative projections. The same polls indicate 11% do not want an election now, and 19% "at no time in the near future" and 53% not until after the Gomery results are released in October.

This will be an interesting ride (again).


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