Getting it up
Earning money while lying on your back

Getting ME up

That's been my challenge the last few days. Same thing happened a few years ago, caught me unawares on Monday. Improving with drugs and rest now.

I'd bent over very slightly while outside, and suddenly was hit by a pain in my lower back and then a muscle spasm so sharp I almost passed out. I made it into the house, found some good drugs for muscle spasm and pain, and collapsed on the couch. A few hours later the drugs wore off, and I was stuck downstairs with my salvation upstairs on the bathroom counter. Luckily I had my cell, and my son had his car at work, and his boss is understanding. My kids have both been a big help, making meals, doing dishes, feeding the cat - I couldn't manage on my own. After a few days of drugs and napping, I can at least stand a litle easier, and walk very carefully and very slowly downstairs - slightly tipping to the left (as in my politics).

I suspect this is related to a slight disc problem I've had in my lower back for years. I used to do some exercises designed to tighten the muscles around the spine - haven't lately. This is the price.

Meanwhile I lie in bed all day, surfing the net, sipping the occasional beer through a bendy straw.


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Good one. Glad you included the bendy straws.


oh no! hope you get better soon! Good thing you were nice to your kids when they were younger;)

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