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Spring is blue

I was downtown in the market with camera (of course) strolling in the spring sun. With the rest of Ottawa it seems - I forget that not everyone is semi-retired, some have to wait till the weekend to patio hop.

Anyways, came across a blue busker statue, that was putting on a good show. He stood on a milk crate, frozen, until some one dropped some change in the bucket. At that instant, he stomped loudly on the crate, and jumped to a new pose. Scaring the hell out of the unsuspecting person. A few tried to keep walking and be cool, most were honest and jumped themselves. Kids were especially cute, because a lot would jump back the first time, startled, and then realize it was fun. They would ask their parents for more change and then gingerly creep up to the bucket, hand outstretched, watching for a sign of movement. Nothing, until the coin dropped, then he'd leap into motion, and so would they. 

2005_04_10_14b 2005_04_10_11b

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House of Paint and water

Went for a spring walk by the Bronson/Rideau bridge to check out the house of paint. Some interesting pics, but still pretty flooded. The river is several feet higher than in summer, so the field and all under the bridge was for ducks.

Added some pics to Flickr.

2005_04_09_9a 2005_04_09_12a 2005_04_09_3a 


What constitutes cheating in a relationship?

  • if you're sitting at a cafe and admire a hottie that walks by - maybe even with a little fantasizing?
  • if your SO is there too, and in fact points out the hottie to you - have you been given permission to ogle or are there other issues?
  • watching porn - maybe even taking matters into your own hands - but there's no one real involved is there?
  • chatting online with a friend, platonically, but your SO doesn't know?
  • how about with a bit of cyber-sex added?
  • is petting OK if it's an Internet chicken?
  • maybe some role playing in an "adult" game?

What's the line between harmless entertainment and cheating? Is it only based on deceit? Can there be too much honesty in a relationship?

Ian Shanhan, AKA Always Black, wrote an interesting article in PC Gamer in December 2004 on the ethics of sexual transgression in a virtual world, and his reactions as his girlfriend heads upstairs with a cup of tea. I'd usually link, but had to post the entire article below, as I couldn't access his site anymore. I suspect after he was referred to in a recent New York times article he got swamped. Luckily Google had a cached version.

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