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I was out in the garden today and realized that the rhubarb that was ready three weeks ago (pic below)


for a first crop was probably ready today for a chainsaw.

Plant was much bigger today, some of the stalks were a little large, but I got a good variety. About 6 cups worth of smaller sweet stalks for a pan of rhubarb crumble, and 8 cups of chopped logs for some stewed rhubarb. Lots of fibre.

Back again

I haven't posted in a while - can't claim to be busy, we're all busy in life. Just have to choose priorities.

So a quick summary for now, details to follow:

  • back is mostly better, regualr exercise does wonders. Car trips don't help.
  • spent a week in Toronto visiting friends and relatives, and seeing various photo galleries that are part of Contact for the month of May
  • travellers did arrive fine in Whitehorse, and on to the research camp. Beautiful scenery and lots of work, but fun
  • no election for now in Canada, which gives us time to build our NDP presence here in Ottawa-Orleans. I'm volunteer coordinator as well as campaign manager
  • have lots of Toronto pics, especially from the "Keele Gallery" - graffiti near the Keele/Bloor subway station - look in my Flickr
  • checked out the Distillery District too. Lileo has some interesting things, some hip-hop/graffiti leanings. And an interesting glass studio just across from them.
  • we also watched the filming of an Arctic Cat ATV commercial

Yukon - May 11

Bus rolled into Edmonton at midnight Tuesday night for a 2 hour break. Probably a little late for the famous mall or other shopping.

To_ed     From_hat   

The rest of the trip is a solid haul stright thru to Whitehorse, arriving Thursday morning. Very early. Just enough time for to get beer supplies and then the bus to the research station.


Quite a trip - total distance about 3700 miles, almost 6000 km. Pictures to follow.