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I've been busy fighting a summer cold the past week - I hate those. If it were January and 30 below outside I wouldn't mind.

I also have been taking a lot of pics and putting them up in Flickr. And joined several photo groups in there. Go to my Flickr profile and you can see the ones I'm a member of - check them out. One of them, called "deleteme", will give you free advice on your pics, but it can be also rude and sarcastic, depending on the author. Avoid unless you're thick-skinned.  But some in there are also good photographers, and can suggest how a so-so picture could be a great one.

Starting tomorrow is another Day In the Life Of Challenge (DILO) on Flickr. The idea is for everyone to document a typical day, put all the pictures in a set on their own photostream, and post 5 to the group pool. There are over 1700 members in the group, will be interesting to see how many take an active part.

Myself - I've been spending too much time lately as a Newsletter editor and NDP organizer and birthday planner (my mother's 90th). I'll be spending a day on ME, camera in hand, roaming downtown.

Edit - June 21 - today is National Aboriginal Day too. Something's planned for this evening on Victoria Island here in the Nation's Capital.


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bob kimberley

hello there,

my name is Bob Kimberley, the social programmer for the Arts faculty at U of O. I noticed that you have a lot of photos of graffiti around Ottawa - I was wondering if you knew any artists who might want to teach graff lessons to some students? it's something we're thinking of doing in September. If you have any info that may help, just email me.


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