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Are they keeping you busy?

Such an annoying question. Who are "they", and why do they worry so much about idle hands? People that go on about how busy they are put me off. Aren't we all busy with something and just make choices as to what that something is? Is what they are busy doing more important than what others do? I see it often used as an excuse for not living up to a comittment, because they haven't learned to say no, and to manage their time. Go into work, stay busy busy all day - how can that fail?

So - do I keep busy? No, I keep productive. And try to avoid cliches.

Bloggage: (as nancy terms it). Warren Kinsella passed on a scary picture of Stephen Harper (is that redundant?) for us, scroll down a bit. Also linked us to an interesting way to get those secrets out into the open. And who can forget those dancing babies - our early fascination with animations.

For those looking for a political fix now that Parliament's in recess and they can't watch CPAC every day (what, you didn't?) there's a great site showing how your MP voted, when they were absent, actual quotes from each time they stood up. Tthey love to tell you how many times they spoke up on issues, amazing how banal some of those little speeches can be. Try to combat that glazed look in your eyes with a good brain exercise.


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These are all things that a Renaissance man would say!

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