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Moved some pics to Flickr, House of Paint, from 2003, and Kosmic Komply from 2004. Also have some from a breakdance/bboyin comp at Babylon last night, I'll post a link once I sort and edit them. Info on the show follows:

Bridging the Gaps is a FUNDRAISER that supports black Ottawa Youth to attend the International Black Summit in Chicago & Miami (some are going to Chicago & some to Miami) August 4-7.

The event will feature all the elements of hip hop and more:

    • Wednesday, July 6 Where: Babylon Night Club, 9-2am Tickets: $5
    • Event host: Mike Check

1) Spoken Word Showcase

  • Valerie Armstrong
  • Kevin Matthews
  • DJ Morales
  • Ritalin
  • John Akpata

2) B-Boy Battle judges: Kamikaze (Speedrock Crew), Benjammin (CFM), Crazy but Smooth (Esoteric/CFM)

3) b-boys

  • flo rock
  • esoteric
  • speedrock crew
  • decypher cru
  • quod squad

4) MC Showcase

  • Lakota Jonez
  • Flip Kuma
  • Boogaloo Trybe

5) Live Band

  • Presswon & Alanna

6) Live Grafitti

  • Daser
  • Maki
  • DJ Morales

7) DJS

  • t-wrecks (mc 7 live band)
  • d- mass (opener/closer)
  • daser (breaks)

Bought some RAID Ant Traps and the label reads:

Curious. Especially since that drug is a cholinesterase inhibitor. These can be used in the treatment of Alzheimer. I'm not sure if that means if grandma is a little forgetful we open an ant trap and spread a little on her bagel.


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Good thing someone's grandma doesn't open her computer very often!


That was not a specific reference, was just an innocently generic (not geriatric) grandma. Honest!


not is she's allergic to peanuts!


I meant to say "not IF she's allergic to peanuts" kinda braindead lately

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