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Renaissance Man

A Renaissance Man is someone who is constantly learning new skills, both in artistic and scientific areas. Some are mastered more than others, the point is continuous exploration and challenges. While a generalist, knowledge is more than superficial in each area.

Looking back on all the things I've explored over the years - and all I still hope to do - I think am a Renaissance man. Didn't happen overnight, sort of crept up on me. Will I swoop out of the sky like a superhero in cape and tights? I think not. I'm a little too old mature for that sort of thing. Not that I'm a chair-bound scholar, I did try white water rafting a couple of years ago. Enough to say - been there, done that, got a t-shirt, and that was enough. Things like biking and skiing are fine now. Although I do still have hot-air ballooning on my list. I am missing the multi-language skills of a Renaissance man, but I never said I was perfect.  That would imply no more need to explore and learn - what point then?  It's like those annoying people who, when asked how they are, reply "excellent". I'm tempted to where do they go from there, do they have a secret they can share for those of us that are less than excellent? Or have they just learned to lower their own standards? 

And yes, there can be Renaissance women too.


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Good description of you but there are also many layers to a Reaissance "person".
Having a to do list means all is well with your world.

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