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90th birthday party done

No, not mine - my mom's, in Toronto. Actually, her birthday isn't until December 8th but she was keen on a summer party. It meant more could travel, but some were away for the long weekend in August - balanced out I guess. A lot of planning from a distance, my sister helped a bunch, others pitched in here and there too. Snacks and booze for an afternoon, and an art show thrown in of some of mom's paintings from the last 80 years or so. Took some nice photos, pumped up the ISO and went with available light in the party room. A much nicer effect than blinding people every few minutes with a flash. And easier to try for more candid "snap" shots, and capture the decisive moment.

Next task is to update my resume and work my contacts - I'm not ready to be fully retired yet. Although, after several months off I wonder when I ever did have time to work.

Note to those readers local to me - Almonte has a Festival of Puppetry this weekend - I'm heading up Sunday. With camera of course.