Pride goeth before a fall
Mensoids at MacLarens

Avast ye swabs

No, I haven't gone to sea. I'm part of an experiment, The Genographic Project. It will trace the migratory routes of our ancestors, from when they first left Africa 50,000 years ago. They do this using genetic markers that have appeared at various times back in our history, and are passed down through the generations. They started with tracking down isolated pockets of people that have not intermingled a lot with their neighbours, but have now expanded to anyone that applies for a kit. Cost is about $100, which goes towards further filed research.

So I dutifully swabbed the inside of my cheek, put the results in the little vials, and mailed off to the National Geographic Society. In a month, they'll have me in the database and I can use my secret code to see what sort of links I have to the far distant past.

Just to finish on a nautical note - I assume most have read by now of Sean Penn's botched attempt to rescue his career flood victims?

  • boat was already filled with his entourage as they started out, including a photographer
  • they left a plug out, so he had to start bailing
  • the motor wouldn't start, so they had to exit, stage left, with paddles


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