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Bonding with my daughter and some corpses

I met with her and some friends to take in the latest by Tim Burton, The Corpse Bride. We both love his work, have a copy of Nightmare Before Christmas and sing along to it. We liked this one too, but not as much as the other. Maybe because it was fresher in 1993? Music wasn't as good, but the voices were great - especially little touches like a maggot sounding (and looking) like Peter Lorre. Same style of animation, with exaggerated figures with impossibly long skinny legs. Good for kids, but lots of subtle references for the adults - keep an eye out for Sammy Davis Junior.

House of PainT -2005

OK - working through my flics and posting in batches as I go. I've a set on Flickr for them, feel free to comment or email me on them. I have info on most of the writers, and will get it eventually for the bboys/girls, so will add later. Keep checking over the next few days.

You can download too, the images are large enough to print from. Just respect my Commercial Commons Licence please- attribution, non-commercial, share-alike. Attribution as Mike Young -

Now THIS is vandalism

Some see it as art, some as a crime. I tend towards the former - unless I see this.


We cleaned up late Saturday evening - in the dark, and some time between then and Sunday morning some jerks did this. I'm sure they think they're cool (NOT) and have bragged to their friends about it- so they aren't as anonymous as they think. I picked up the paint cans (again), hopefully the city will come soon for the garbage.

As for the kids that were out way past their curfew - feel free to post their names.

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