Post paint
House of PainT -2005

Now THIS is vandalism

Some see it as art, some as a crime. I tend towards the former - unless I see this.


We cleaned up late Saturday evening - in the dark, and some time between then and Sunday morning some jerks did this. I'm sure they think they're cool (NOT) and have bragged to their friends about it- so they aren't as anonymous as they think. I picked up the paint cans (again), hopefully the city will come soon for the garbage.

As for the kids that were out way past their curfew - feel free to post their names.


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Buddha from CFM

I'm not a graf artist - but have been in the scene for years - This will get handled the good old fashion way - If we finf out who did this disrespect to the artist - (all friends of mine from Toronto )- they will have some face to face answering to do.

If that sounds like an ass kickin then so be it !!!!

Buddha and the rest of CFM - out to find out who did this !!! Step up punks !!!!

nome rtl

yo art is not a crime just let it happn its not ur problem

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