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Post paint

Went pretty well. It was a drizzly day, but after all we were under a 6 lane bridge. I got there before 12, in time to help set up. Sabra, from DeCypher Cru, was coordinating - a tad frazzled but it all came together, she did a great job. Floor set up for the comp, DJ cranked up some music, writers primed their walls, by 2 there was well over 100 performing, and watching. And cheering them on.

Stayed until dark, then after cleaning up the site (and ourselves) some of us met at Norml Clothing for an art show by Press Pause. Drinks, chats, DJ - nice break. Then on to Babylon for the post party party. Met a varied group over the day, including some of the original crew of Canadian Floor Masters. Original as in some of them actually only a decade or so from my age.

I took a whack of pictures - the advantage and disadvantage of going digital. 150 or so - sorting and editing now. I'll be back tomorrow to check out the finished work, as it's better to shoot under there on a cloudy day. I'll try to get them up as fast as I can, but being a Renaissance man has it's challenges. I'll upload to a set on Flickr, with a link from here.

Press release - House of PainT - 2005

Sort of a last minute post on my part -it's tomorrow. Been lots of publicity elsewhere though. Showers in the forcast all day, but it is under a bridge.

House of PainT September 17th

Break Dancing, MCing, DJs and Graf Artists bring the Hip Hop

Community together - Under One Bridge!

On Saturday, September 17, 2005, Ottawa will see the second round of House of PainT – a Hip Hop event bringing together the community for an afternoon of Graffiti, Break Dancing, MCing and DJs under the Dunbar Bridge – at Ottawa’s only legal Graffiti wall: the House of PainT.

The event will run from 12-7pm, with some of the best graf artists from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto invited to write their colourful pieces on an otherwise grey bridge. DJs will fill the air with funk and hip hop while break dancers and MCs compete for prizes on a nearby stage. Members of the hip-hop community will share their skills with the wider Ottawa community at this good-vibes outdoor event.

Sponsored by the Carleton chapter of OPIRG, Norml Clothing, DeCypher Cru, Speedroc and Montana Paints the event is Free and open to all. The event will also include a BBQ and free workshops, where kids of all ages can learn break dancing and mural painting.

The first House of PainT was a huge success, with over 200 participants coming out for the event, including members of the Ottawa South Community, City of Ottawa staff and City Councillor Clive Doucet. It was held in 2003, shortly after the City of Ottawa made the under side of Dunbar Bridge Ottawa’s first and only legal graffiti wall, with the aim of creating a place where artists can express themselves freely and in order to help control the costs of the cleaning and removal of graffiti in that space.

This year is expected to be even bigger, with more artists and wider community involvement.

Don’t miss House of PainT – September 17th, 2005, Under da Bridge!


Ottawa, Saturday, Sept 17, 12pm-7pm

Dunbar Bridge underpass (located under the new Bridge where Bronson goes over the Rideau River)


MUSIC: DJs spinning funk, breakbeats and hip-hop all day long

MICROPHONE SLAM: MCs stepping up to out-rhyme each other with their verbal talent.

GRAFFITI: Improv graffiti challenge all day long

BREAKDANCES: 3 on 3 battle for the beat, battle starts after 2, each crew includes one bgirl


Breakers: CFM, Esoteric, DeCypher, Prolific , Qwad Skwad, and Speedroc

DJs: Zattar, Pho, D-Mass, Adam White, Illo

ARTISTS: Toronto: Elicser, Mediah, Fathom, Lease, Homesick, Zion;  Montreal: Maysr;  Ottawa: Deadbeats Crew, Elroy and more

MCs: To be confirmed

Contact: Sabra Ripley, [email protected],,

Mensoids at MacLarens

Met some Mensa friends for a few games of pool and a lot of laughter last night. They're a hilarious group, throwing the smart-ass remarks and puns back and forth. No, not in Latin, in English - they're not all as sombre as people think. A high-light of the evening was Liz's trip across the street to Sugar  Mountain for such delights as chocolate covered ju-jubes. The texture of a ju-jube, but only the taste of chocolate. Anyways,  I'm not a member - suppose I could be since I've been told I was at the top when they did testing back in high school. yet it still took me three years to finish grade 11 English and History. It's not that I didn't get it, I just couldn't be bothered.

Avast ye swabs

No, I haven't gone to sea. I'm part of an experiment, The Genographic Project. It will trace the migratory routes of our ancestors, from when they first left Africa 50,000 years ago. They do this using genetic markers that have appeared at various times back in our history, and are passed down through the generations. They started with tracking down isolated pockets of people that have not intermingled a lot with their neighbours, but have now expanded to anyone that applies for a kit. Cost is about $100, which goes towards further filed research.

So I dutifully swabbed the inside of my cheek, put the results in the little vials, and mailed off to the National Geographic Society. In a month, they'll have me in the database and I can use my secret code to see what sort of links I have to the far distant past.

Just to finish on a nautical note - I assume most have read by now of Sean Penn's botched attempt to rescue his career flood victims?

  • boat was already filled with his entourage as they started out, including a photographer
  • they left a plug out, so he had to start bailing
  • the motor wouldn't start, so they had to exit, stage left, with paddles