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More choices

I did a post last year on this - on political choices in Amerika, but also on choices in general. We're now in that mode up here in the the frozen wasteland of Canada. Parliament is back in session, minority Liberal gov't still limping along with the occasional help from the more socialist NDP (yah!) and the threat of an election still. Depends on the results of the Gomery Commission inquiry into the sponsorship scandal, and how well the Liberal's manage to spin the outcome. And how long they can keep doing deals with the other parties to stave off a non-confidence vote.

Walloween, with all the excesses in treats and the panic to collect as much as possible, reminded me again about this. As I had posted before it's a chance for an interesting social experiment, and maybe a chance for kids to think (gasp) and learn.

Concept is simple - when the kids arrive I do the usual fuss over costumes, then hold out the bowl of candy and tell them to help themselves, take what they want. (Because it's a night of what they want, not what they need.) Almost all are surprised, many take one and then look at me expectantly, and I repeat to help themselves. The younger ones with parents are almost all coached before they can even make their own choice. No one has asked yet if they can take it all - but I'm ready to say it's up to them, and point out that one of the consequences is that there's then no more - I'll close the door and turn out the light.  Not a threat, or a guilt, just a consequence. We all have choices, even not choosing something and travelling thru life as a victim of events and other's actions - is a choice. if you need some help with yours, try the demo here.

I'll let all know how it went. Both choices, the kids tonight learning to deal with greed and choices and consequences, the politicians learning to .... oh - I just said that.

ASQ Section 0407 Ottawa Valley November Newsletter

One of my "things" is I'm a newsletter editor for our local section of the American Society for Quality. The following is a copy of the monthly email notification I send out - I'm posting here in case any of my readers are interested. We have about 350 local members, 2/3 of whom have opted-in for email, and a list of over 200 non-members.

News and Events                                                                 October 24, 2005

The November  issue of our newsletter is now available at, as a PDF file.
Included in this issue is:
* Our Corel Centre tour on November 9
* Report from the recent ASQ Member Value Summit
* Two articles on Quality issues – one on the federal gov’t and quality management, another on the importance of proper Requirements in the development cycle
* Information on other quality related events in the area
* Ongoing and upcoming certification refresher courses

If you would like to send in any comments via a Letter to the Editor, or have a quality question, or even a brief article, please contact the editor Mike Young at [email protected] . Submission guidelines are at the end of this month’s  newsletter.

To opt-out of or to sign up for receiving emails from the ASQ Ottawa ValleySection 0407, please do one of the following:
Members only: To change your ASQ email preferences: Sign in to ASQNet at
Choose your preferences by going to Change Your Address & E-mail
- If you need ASQNet password assistance go to
- If you need additional help, write to [email protected]
Non Members:
Go to  (Subscribe) to add or remove yourself from the ASQ Ottawa Valley Section 0407 email distribution list. To change your email address, please remove yourself from the list and enter a new request with the updated address.
For further information on upcoming events, and on your local section, please check our web site at, or contact the Section Chair, Govind Ramu at [email protected]  .

New Treo

So, here I am with a new toy - finally. Took Bell forever to get this out, but will be nice to have a cell and PDA and Web browser and email all together.

Note: above sent from my Treo 650 - works just fine.

Nov 6 - added a 1 G memory card from SanDisk so I can listen to music and load some of my fav pics on it. First tune - Mustang Sally - by The Commitments. Love that tune, so raunchy - allso like the way The Verdict does it. Now I need a little adapter thingy so that my stereo headphones can plug in to it - got one at The Source - wrong size! For $5 you'd think Treo would include one.

Software so far - an OpenSource prog Kmaps (because Google maps don't work on here) - and TiBR (TinyBookReader) as well as some free volumes from .