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I seem to have no problem collecting tid-bits to ponder over, and perhaps blog about, but that final step of putting pen to paper (or finger to key) eludes me. Always have been a procrastinator, and ready to be distracted. That would explain my catholic tastes.

Anyways - here I am again.  I've been watching the above show lately, again. It's on late, at 11pm, on the Family Channel. Always enjoyed the characters and the true to life drama. My high school years at Malvern and then KLCVI were pretty tame in comparison, even if I was three years in Grade 11 English and History. Not that keen on highschool. BTW - the Ontario government has just announced a plan to try to keep kids in school. Recognizing that they don't all want (or need) to go to University, there will also be a trades stream. We had that in the 60's - a 4 yr trades stream, a 4 yr business stream, and a 5 yr university one. Mind you, the 4 yr kids were looked down on, but they were the ones that graduated and got jobs right away.

I went to Toronto last weekend for Thanksgiving. Left Thursday, after getting a crown re-cemented into place. It had held out for 10 years, so warranty was over. Paying with my Visa extends it, but only for a year. Took a leisurely drive down across highway 7, then 37 through Tweed. Such a pretty little town. It was a prime weekend for the fall leaves, and a beautiful warm sunny day. Turned cold and dreary that night, been not that great since. Stayed at my mother's for a change, on her new, narrow, firm single bed. I'm used to my slightly squooshy queen size, so spent each night afraid to roll over and out. But it was a good visit.

Saturday was another nice day for wandering - sunny, warm. Ended up along Queen West (of course), sat in the sun at the Black Bull and basked - sipping a beer and flirting chatting with my neighbours. I had intended to wander some back alleys for new graff flics, but there's getting to be more construction so some was blocked off, and other areas have been painted over as an attempt to beautify the city or something. Like a blank wall looks better. Eventually, they all will be covered with billboards -commercialized graffiti. Met some friends for a good Mexican dinner, and good conversation. She's now a barista, and loves it. Less stress, a fun crowd. We joined a table full of barista's after, for karaoke. Luckily I managed to refrain from any refrain, but my friend was lured to the dark side, and early on did a rendition of Welcome To the Jungle that set the bar for the night. She was a karaoke virgin, so didn't realize how the words can sometimes scroll by before you're ready. But she did fall back on Plan B, laugh till your sides ache (and everyone joined in), and she did nail every chorus right on. Not to be outdone, her partner showed the benefits of his training at the William Shatner School of Music. A fun evening, both of them are great sports, that can relax with life and enjoy it.   

Sunday was the big family dinner at my brother's, with the four-legged turkey.


Great for a crowd, with lots of dark meat. Was a good size family gathering, mostly his wife's side (which is still my side of the family, but that's another topic). Several generations there, plenty of laughs, plenty of wine.


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