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Been having a Venn sort of week, in terms of social groups. Nice to see new ones together, and how they interact and learn and laugh. I posted about these various groups before, last night we added another one. An RCMP friend met a coworker out with some of her friends while we were at D'Arcy's, and we dragged them along. (BTW - the pub was packed with a young crowd, fresh form a day on the Hill I think). Stopped at Friday's Roast Beef House for the piano bar - which was full of an older blue-haired crowd. But it was restful. Until the Karaoke started. We gave it a while, then headed to Big Daddy's Crab Shack to interesect some more - and discuss female (and male) waxing. Brazilian, The Strip(or a Vegas), and imagined variations.

Was fun (again), nice how this blending shows in a way we are all the same, and yet have differences to appreciate in each other.


  • Comment Spam - had to turn comments off for a while, getting too much SPAM in them. Only authenticated users can comment for now -sorry. You can also email me. Typepad is working at improving their tools in this area.
  • Katrina and the waves - Interesting bit on CBC tonight about the fact that there are still about 300,000 hurricane evacuees that have not - and can not - return to New Orleans yet. Many neighbourhoods are still clogged with mud, and the houses are filled with mold and sodden furniture and appliance. Major reconstruction needed huge loads heading for the dumps. When it is finally done, a lot may choose to not return. Especially since the levee reconstruction teams are still trying to decide how well to rebuild, what class storm do they protect against? I'd certainly wait before returning and rebuilding.
  • Election mode - looks like a Christmas election campaign here in Canada after all, with the vote some time in January. And in spite of all the posturing by the various parties, as they tried to protect us from turkeys at the door while there's on on the table, recent surveys have shown while we'd be annoyed by the timing, it wouldn't really affect our vote. Or lack of it - turnout was 61% last election in spring of 2004, will be a bit less in winter. May help the non-majority parties, as their supporters may be more motivated to get out than the complacent Liberals. We'll see. Big issues I see (as a campaign manager for our Ottawa-Orleans NDP candidate) are canvassing (no-one wants to stand there with their door open), finding people at their own home over the holidays, and figuring out a way to get the signs in the frozen ground. And clearing snow away. May be a campaign of web pages, emails, phone calls - and some well handled town hall meetings.
  • Flickr - as always - more posted on there. Including some older graf flics -a lot from pre-digital days to be scanned in yet.
  • Einstein - check out his chalkboard.

World Beats and Eats - Nov 4

For a good cause, and these events are dope. Can't go because I'm at a World Trivia Night fundraiser Friday, but I'll post info here anyways.

World Beats and Eats - Special Birthday Edition November 4th - 2005 Mercury Lounge - Ottawa

56 Byward st. (Sidedoor/upstairs)

$8 at the Door

-Benefit for - Ottawa Fringe Festival

-Eats by - Curries, La Vecchia Trattoria, as well as some assorted sushi.

-Beats from - Giveaways from Six Degrees Records - In house Beats by Emily Jones followed by Daser and Lance Baptiste -Live Art by - Daser -With a Special Guest Host - Mike MacNeil (a.k.a. the Door Guy)


The Beneficiary:

The Ottawa Fringe Festival "is a forum that unites artists and audiences in a fun, exploratory environment. The guiding principles of the Fringe include unrestricted artistic expression, accessibility and community development. The Fringe encourages artists to explore and test boundaries and make bold choices in the creation of art."

The Eats:

-Curries - Indian Restaurant and Sweet House

(114 A Gloucester Street - Corner of Gloucester & O'Connor - 613-598-6970) - with the first in a generous two month donation of their best in Indian delights

-La Vecchia Trattoria

(228 Preston Street - 613-230-0009) - Ottawa's Little Italy is once again represented, this time by the Italian fare from La Vecchia Trattoria.

-assorted sushi

this selection was added after the unfortunate and unexpected closing of the planned food sponsor Greek Greek. This restaurant has given previously to numerous events in the artist community and will be missed. The assortment of maki sushi will include: oshinko (pickled diakon), cucumber, fried tofu, inari (tofu pockets)

The Beats:

Always free CD's to giveaway from Six Degrees Records and always swanky in house beats.


beats w/ Emily Jones (, E18hteen, Social) 9-10pm Special Set by DASER 10pm-????

beats w/ Lance Baptiste

Live Art:

Last month we all witnessed an opening of DASER's amazing canvass work at the Mercury Lounge. This month we will get to witness his work in progress as he paints live in the Mercury Lounge.

Special Guest Host:

Mike MacNeil (a.k.a. the door guy) has been the longest standing, most dedicated volunteer to World Beats and Eats, having donated his time to every single event since the first in January. For this reason he is perfectly suited to assume the responsibility of guest host for the evening as Volunteer/Organizer Brad Campeau (a.k.a. B Rad) takes a night off to celebrate his birthday for this Special Birthday Edition of World Beats and Eats.


November 4th - 7-10pm

Mercury Lounge

56 Byward st. (Sidedoor/upstairs)

$8 at the Door (includes FOOD and MUSIC GIVEAWAYS)


This is a MONTHLY event so get your name on the mailing list at the event or Email [email protected] to get the details early for each event!

Brad Campeau