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Catching up

Been pre-occupied lately with our local NDP campaign - lots of odds and ends as campaign manager. We've a small but keen team. If you need info on your riding/candidates, check out Elections Canada.

Some stuff happening:

- in Toronto had an evening December 8 at "it's not a deli" (986 Queen W) of arts and culture with raffles, live music (by DJs Chip Lacquer, Sans Ohm, JingleJangleJaunty and Lazy Susan), and a sale of purely original art works by 17 of artists. Sorry I missed the date, but the exhibit is open until the 22nd.

Them_front_small    Them_back_small

norml clothing here in Ottawa has a party coming to Babylon (317 bank) on December 17th with LOOPTROOP, from Sweden.

Norml_2005_xmasparty_full_front Norml_2005_xmasparty_full_back

I was at showing of a documentary this week at the SAW Gallery - 30 Takes. Celebrating 30 years of the Atlantic Filmakers Cooperative. Met one of the film makers - a friend of a friend - Andrea Dorfman. Interesting woman, great filmmaker, and co-owner of the Knit Cafe in Toronto - at 1050 Queen W, just east of "it's not a deli" .

Off for a weekend in Toronto today, for my mom's 90th. Lots of snow here, but less down south. It will be nice to get a break.


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