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I went to a party a few weeks ago (Dec/05), where they served Moose Milk. Scuttlebutt there was that the potent drink was originally a Canadian military (Navy?) tradition, but it is a drink suitable for just about any winter party - military or civilian. Of course each branch of the services claims to have the original and best recipe for moose milk - Navy especially. I asked an RCMP friend if they made it at their own parties, she said they usually just checked online via  CSIS for the location of the nearest military mess serving it and went over and drank theirs. Her own at home recipe for it is just ice cream and rum.

Here's my Canadian recipe for Moose Milk - metric of course:

  • 1 l rum
  • 1 l Kahlua
  • 1 l vodka
  • 3 l vanilla ice cream (softened)
  • 3 l 2% milk (just to be diet conscious)
  • chocolate pieces (break up a dark chocolate candy bar or two- this is the added secret moose poop garnish)
  • nutmeg

Stir together, leave in some lumps. Sprinkle nutmeg on top.

You may need to play with the proportions to suit your palate, less kick with less vodka obviously. Dark rum adds more flavour too. This recipe does make a lot, but that usually doesn't seem to be a problem, somehow it gets used up. It can leave you with a bit of a hangover, probably all that milk. Or maybe it's from heading out for spicy food after - been there, done that.

I did find a blender recipe for the solitary drinker - the single moose:

  • 1 oz. Dark rum
  • 1 oz. White rum
  • 0.5 oz. Kahlua
  • 2 scoops Ice cream
  • nutmeg

Blend just until smooth, sprinkle with nutmeg. Repeat as needed, but I'm betting that before you know it you'll have friends over encouraging you to fill the blender to the top and then you start looking for that old punch bowl. For either of these recipes, don't drink near an open flame, and be careful when standing up suddenly. This tastes best on a cold winter's day, but also works in warmer climes, to help Canadians brag about how cold it is back home.


Edit Dec/09 - amazing how many hits this gets every Christmas - hopefully some of my readers will click on a couple of the Google ads to make me some pennies.

On a related note - some of my readers , if you've visited Toronto, may have noticed Moose statues around the city - they are left over from the Labatt's Blue sponsored Moose in the City back in 2000. There were originally over 300 life-sized statues, decorated by local artists and then auctioned off.

I've also added a link to the Wiki article for Moose Milk, it mainly refers to real milk from a moose - not necessary for these recipes. Do not head out after the punch bowl is empty to find the local zoo, real moose do not appreciate sudden surprises - like cold hands fumbling underneath. The article does clarify:

Canadian Air Force Messes traditionally serve "Moose Milk" at their New Year's Levees. This alcoholic concoction contains no moose milk whatsoever. The recipes vary, but tend to include eggs, sugar, maple syrup, cream, or ice cream, and some combination of rye whiskey and rum.

I don't know if it's served overseas, but judging by the amount of booze in it hopefuly not in an area with loaded guns.  

I remember we tried a variation of this one year with egg nog and brandy and whipping cream, "Uncle" Ted (ex RCAF?) made it for the family on Christmas Eve, it went down very smoothly. We never did make it to Midnight Mass. Good thing.

Half the fun is in exploring different ways to make this, so here's a link to some other moose milk recipe's to try. Let me know which ones you like - as long as the keyboard doesn't look too blurry to type. This video shows how to make a variation - with no measurements. He just adds some of this and some of that. A Canadian Army forum has a similar recipe - seems rum, ice cream, and some creamy liqueurs are the common brew to these. Some use beaten egg yokes, but if you want that variation it's easier to just add a quart of egg nog. And more rum to dilute the added nog. Happy experimenting, and don't forget to support me so that I can buy more rum!


That's it for now - have to get going on cleaning/decorating. Kids are over tomorrow night to open stockings (the best part of Christmas) and share in the Moose Milk. I'll be using Soy Milk in my daughter's portions. Yuck!

If I don't get back on here before then - best wishes for the holidays to all. I'm off to TO for a few days after Christmas. 

If you're sitting around bored with nothing to do you could watch Rudolf and Frosty duke it out. You could also search out your local Food Bank to lend a hand sorting donations, or help out at a local group that's serving free Christmas dinners.


December 2011 - must be close to Christmas, as traffic is spiking here - almost all to Moose Milk. Kids will be over early again, just finished NaNoWriMo, so need to get rolling on my list - update here.

December 2012 - annual traffic spike. As before, NaNoWriMo done, kids over tomorrow, our presents are a food exchange. Mine is Tourtiere

December 2013 - more traffic. Did I mention I have published a novel?


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