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Spring in the air

It was nice (again) yesterday, as in not -20C and snowing. Or more freezing rain. It was maybe +4, and sunny. Neighbours had started to emerge from basement dens, after a winter hibernating with satellite TV, rubbing their eyes at the bright sun, seeing who'd moved, or died, over the winter. Unlike normal hibernation, the passing of time seems to have if anything plumped up wastelines. Oh well, lots of time to panic before bathing suit time. They were out in light jackets, chatting at the end of their driveways, watching their kids play. The pavement was bare, snow banks dissolving into corn snow, dully grey, with yellow highlights at the corners. I donned a sweater and as a test of spring, went barefoot. It was just fine, warm, such a nice feeling. Of course everyone was astonished, they never understand the concept of dark pavement and hot sun on a spring day. Mind you, even in summer I don't think I ever see them out in bare feet. or their kids for that matter. Too bad, it's such a nice feeling to walk across the lawn after a light shower of rain and feel the grass squish underfoot. Avoiding the dog poop of course. Maybe it can be a summer project for me to get more neighbours out of their shoes - or at least get their kids to go a little wild. It's so much fun being a bad influence.

And a late weather update, with this warm air and left-over cold snow it's foggy out. I saw that in the forecast on-line, and rather than open the blind and look out the window, I clicked and checked here.  Bad sign.


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My favourite poem publicly presented - grade one:

Nobody knows, except the rose, how nice mud feels between the toes!

The poem is recited in bare feet of course, with wiggling toes.

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