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I seem to be writing more lately, letters to the editor, emails to family and friends. I keep looking at what I've done and thinking "now, that would make a good blog". But then I think of how I'd like to massage and expand it, and add some cool links, and it falls to the bottom of the busy-busy list of a semi-retired Renaissance man.

There's been a number of letters to the editor lately on graffiti - some positive, some negative. plus I met up with (and was interviewed by) a local filmmaker, Ben Walker, who is doing a documentary on local graffiti. Our local councilor was elected on a platform that included a crack-down on vandalism and graffiti, and is hosting a meeting this week. I'll be attending to hopefully talk up the artistic side, and legal walls. I'll bring some pictures and see if here's a committee I can be part of as liaison to the pro-graffiti part of the world. More to follow, including my latest article.


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Another learning curve! Well done.


yea man!keep that funk alive!

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