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Blogus Interruptus

I seem to be writing more lately, letters to the editor, emails to family and friends. I keep looking at what I've done and thinking "now, that would make a good blog". But then I think of how I'd like to massage and expand it, and add some cool links, and it falls to the bottom of the busy-busy list of a semi-retired Renaissance man.

There's been a number of letters to the editor lately on graffiti - some positive, some negative. plus I met up with (and was interviewed by) a local filmmaker, Ben Walker, who is doing a documentary on local graffiti. Our local councilor was elected on a platform that included a crack-down on vandalism and graffiti, and is hosting a meeting this week. I'll be attending to hopefully talk up the artistic side, and legal walls. I'll bring some pictures and see if here's a committee I can be part of as liaison to the pro-graffiti part of the world. More to follow, including my latest article.

Twelve Pack

I know, the theme should be Good Friday and all the exciting things that happened thousands of years ago on this day - but this is all about me.

I managed to sneeze several weeks ago and put my back out (again). I had been skipping exercises, and slumping in an expensive ergonomic chair at the computer, so as soon as it happened my reaction was a big ouch, and a big damn. This time I had to drag myself to the other room to a phone and call my son to come and help me. Serious back spasms, couldn't even get into bed that night, so slept on the floor. The next day my friend insisted I follow the Telehealth  nurse's advice and go to emergency. We arrived at 6pm, and I sat and waited until midnight (not great for a bad back) to have a doctor prescribe me some drugs and send me home. I was hoping they'd do a scan or X-ray or something to see what the problem was - in hindsight I should have faked some pain in my leg to imply nerve damage.

So - back to the exercises I'd being ignoring. Twice a day, various core strengthening ones, my stomach muscles are better than they've been in a while. Sort of like a six pack, but with a bit of padding still. The theory is that with enough muscle straight around the spine, the vertebrae (and discs) will behave. I hope so - I'm not ready to be old yet.   

Lovely day out there today - was supposed to be cool and cloudy, a day to clean up some of these little piles of things around the house. But, flexibility applies to backs and schedules - Plan B is to hop on the bus and take some downtown pictures. The PhotoFriday Theme this week is "Full". The challenge as always is to think beyond the cliches to find a creative interpretation, and then to capture the essence in a good photo.

April 21 - update - I cheated and used an old photo for Full - click here for it.