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Kenjii alert - and other art notes

Got a late note from Decypher Cru about an art show by Kenjii Toyooka June 1st (8 pm) at Shanghia restaurant on Somerset, here in Ottawa. I'll copy it below:

This is a quick heads up about the vernissage for DeCypher affiliated artist Kenji Toyooka's latest art show, All Ways.  By now many of you will have seen Kenji's work - among many other things he's the person responsible for the DeCypher Cru website and our logo - so you already know that he is an amazing artist who is progressing in leaps and bounds, so I am forwarding you an invitation to see some of his latest work.
All Ways is a series of painted portraits depicting some of the couples and groups in Kenji's life that exude a certain sense of permanence and painted in a variety of styles.  The vernissage (opening night party) will take place tomorrow, Thursday, June 1st, at 8pm at Shanghai restaurant (651 Somerset, just east of Bronson).  Shanghai is a funky and delicious little spot that steps away from the typical Chinese restaurant atmosphere and is well loved both for their excellent food and their strong support for Ottawa's artistic community.  The vernissage will include music by local DJ CPI.  Kenji's paintings will be up at Shanghai for the rest of the month and you can see more of his work at .
His art looks interesting (follow the link) and it should be a good party, they're a fun group.
I was at a "Soiree Videos de Danse" tonight, at Alliance Francais on MacLaren. Six videos were shown by Izabel Barsive, a friend of mine from Ottawa (and Corsica), and Tommy Lawson from France. Some silly, some serious, some a little confusing. The programme was in French, not one of my stronger skills, so I was a bit at a loss, but they were all mostly dance with little dialogue, and very enjoyable. A talented pair. I would have stayed for wine and nibblies but there was a question period after and Tommy's answers were very complete. In the other official language - I suppose I could finally learn French a bit better, but there never seems to be any spare time for the semi-retired.  I'd had a bite earlier anyways at The Oak on Bank, a pint of draft and a pint of water and quesadillas. It was a hot afternoon of picture taking - I was at the TechWall talking with Dazer first, as he workd on his big mural. Met a young guy new to the city too, with a camera and interest in graffiti. So I gave him the 10 minute history lesson. Then I drove to the House of Paint - under the Bronson/Rideau River bridge. A lot of pieces, some good, nothing really great. A lot of random tags on them too. My pics still to be scanned and uploaded - patience.
Coming up Friday - World Beats and Eats at the Mercury Lounge, this month for the Third Wall Theatre Company. Music by Emily Jones and then Chris Rockwell, eats by Shwarma Palace and Savana Cafe, live art by John Gap.  7-10
Also 7-10 there is the opening of a photography exhibit by James Erdeg at La Petit Mort Gallery - 306 Cumberland.  I'll squeeze them both in I guess - the busy artistic life of a former Quality Assurance manager. Who'd of thought. And of course listening to Blackalicious and then Jurassic 5 as I type.
Almost forgot, the Ottawa Art Gallery on Daly has an open house this weekend of their collection, part of Ottawa's Doors Open.
A good source for some of these things is the ArtEngine mailing list - sign up and get notices a couple of times a week. And add your own events to it too. Ottawa X Press is helpful too, with the added entertainment of Savage Love.


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